Supervision and training

Krish provides clinical supervision to individual practitioners or groups as required and has a range of experience and expertise in the supervision of individuals or group. Krish has also provided training, run seminars and has regularly spoken at conference.

Krish Nath

Krish Nath

Testimonial for Krish as a CBT supervisor

I had the pleasure of working alongside Krish as my supervisor in an IAPT service in South London. Krish assisted me tremendously within this role, he was extremely flexible in arranging times to meet with me to provide support, ideas and direction and was exceptionally approachable in his manner.

Within case management supervision he took a holistic view of the clinical issues (clinical cases?) that I brought to him and he encouraged collaborative and thought provoking discussions to come to shared decisions and solutions.

Krish placed a large focus on encouraging and supporting my personal and professional development and he provided me with praise and recognition at every opportunity. I had the utmost confidence in his knowledge and his direction and felt fully supported by him within this role.