It is hard to put on writing how much Krish has helped me.  I have seen Krish in and out for more than 10 years now. He helped me to adjust to a new country, helped me to change jobs, helped me through relationships, helped me during crisis, helped me navigate the corporate world, helped me to leave the corporate world and start on my own, helped me to understand people and most important helped me to fight my depression.
I have suffered from chronic mild depression for more than 20 years. It has been a long battle. I tried several treatments and after all these years I agree when experts say that the right treatment is medication plus talking therapy. Depression is not an easy condition. It is a terrible disease. It steals your energy and presses you down. It cannot be left untreated.
I was referred to Krish back in 2005 or so. I like his style and CBT seems to be the right approach for me. For the last three years we have been using Skype as I moved to Singapore. It works fine.
Krish helps me to notice my distorted thoughts & assumptions and points me to the right direction through reason and sound advice. I have a few notebooks with his advice. He is often, if not always, right.

“I was fortunate enough to be referred to Krish for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy after being diagnosed with anxiety and depression.   When I first met Krish I was suffering from agoraphobia leaving me unable to go out alone.  My husband accompanied me to initial appointments but within weeks of working with Krish I was able to travel to consultations alone, an enormous improvement.  I continued to work with Krish weekly over the next two months and he helped me to successfully manage my return to work.  The final challenge was to conquer my fear of flying. I had not been able to get on a plane for several years.  Krish spent time working with me in consultations and finally on flights to get me back in the air.  I now live and work overseas and have probably flown around the world several times over.

I could not recommend Krish highly enough.  He is empathetic whilst challenging old ways of thinking and behaving.  I enjoyed both the cognitive and practical exercises that I needed to achieve both in consultations and between them.  Working with Krish was a commitment to a journey  – developing new strategies and thinking that have been life-changing for me.”

“Krish Nath has been critical in helping me develop the tools, habits and insight to cope with bipolar disorder. He has been highly effective in dealing with the broad issues and encouraging me to turn to concepts like mindfullness to stabilise my mind on a daily basis. His measured approach and deep knowledge of the disease have been an immense help.”
–Michael G

“I first came to see Krish due to issues with anxiety and panic attacks. I was coming out of a bad break up and felt very low about myself, but I felt I always had problems with feeling anxious about certain situations, like travelling. I thought I would never be rid of feeling anxious and that I would always have to grin and bear it for the rest of my life. I could never imagine going on holiday on my own or with friends because it filled me with utter dread, but what encouraged me to start therapy was that I wanted to feel better.

During my first session with Krish, we discussed how the sessions would work. He explained that everything would be completely confidential and I felt totally at ease to talk about all the things that I had bottled up for so long. We did a lot of cognitive behavioural techniques in my sessions and talking through my fears about travel or whatever was bothering me. Krish would challenge me on my thoughts and that changed my whole way of thinking. We also did some mindfulness training, which I found very helpful. I have since travelled on my own, been on holiday with friends, got a new job and I don’t worry about feeling anxious anymore. If it happens, it happens, but I’m not worrying about the fear. Now I have the tools to deal with it, if it arises.”


I began seeing Krish for cognitive behavioural therapy after having trouble managing my levels of anxiety and worry. With Krish’s guidance I was able to refocus, reprioritise and view things from a different, more logical and calmer perspective. Krish has helped me to now manage my anxiety better but also with his expertise I have been able to identify and develop other skills such as assertiveness and obsessiveness.

I found it easy to open up to Krish during my consultations and always found our discussions very helpful. He was quickly able to show the flaws in my thinking process, and how to see things more logically so as not to catastrophise events. Krish was quick to make himself available when I need his guidance most which I am extremely thankful for. I trust Krish and am very thankful for the help he provided.