CBT4U is a confidential , client focused service which takes into account differences in how individuals perceive and experience their clinical problems. For example, two clients presenting with the problem of depression,  will often experience their depression differently and will therefore be affected by this condition differently. Examples of factors causing such variation are life experiences, home/work environment, personal relationships, ethnicity,  culture and diversity, language, support systems , employment status and life balance. As such, each client will be assessed individually and a clinical formulation of their problems developed which reflects individual needs, therapy approach and goals for therapy.

Whilst most clients are seen in a consultant room, such arrangements are not always convenient for all clients:

For Executives with a busy travel schedule:

Therapy does not have to be disrupted. A bespoke service can be arranged which is home based or office based. Alternatively, sessions can be arranged utilising VOIP technology suc as Skype for therapy and Clinical supervision. Most clients using the latter option have reported a positive experience of CBT4U therapy which was suited to their needs and with minimal interruption.

For clients who are unable to leave home because of severe anxiety or depression:

Arrangements are available to commence home based CBT4U therapy with a view to clinic attendance as therapy progresses. It is important to note that in such cases, the initial goal will be aimed at facilitating clinic attendance. Alternatively, the use of skype technology as described earlier is a viable option.